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“In the beginning God created cows. Now the cows were plentiful and covered the earth. And God said “let there be Beef”. And there was Beef. “

A few years later (2010) Bel Shapiro left her job to go it alone. She set up The Bell & Brisket with the intention of championing the classic, and old fashioned combination of salt beef, pickles & mustard, served street food style.

Inspired by stories from her Dad’s visits to Blooms in his city boy days, she set about developing a menu that respected the traditional delivery of salt beef, but gave it her own, London twist. Focusing on not just the beef, but the pickles that crunch alongside it and the beer to wash it all down with.

Now serving tantalising beefy wonders from various markets & events, The Bell & Brisket is forging its way amongst the burgeoning street food revolution, and is part of the Kerb street food collective. You can also find us everyday at The Dukes Head in Highgate serving up lunch and dinner 7 days a week,

The Bell & Brisket trailer or gazebo can be hired for private events and parties. See our Event Hire page for more information.



15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Love it Bel, all the pic’s look great & I’m loving the horse box idea, my only worry is where you’ll park it? I’m my father’s daughter, he’ll be worried about the parking too when I tell him your plan.

  2. All very exciting young Bel! – I think the horse box adventure is a much better idea than some other thoughts you was thunking! I’m looking forward to the tales – could I perhaps turn you into one of my strange little characters? ;) x

  3. Hello!

    Your details where passed onto me via Ed at square root as I was mentioning to him about stocking some pickles in my shop and he suggested you!
    I’m not sure if you’ve started production yet but I’d love to chat more about wholesale..



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